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Since 2012, the IKEA Foundation has been working with UNHCR to develop a livelihoods programme in Ethiopia to help improve refugee self-reliance and build a more cohesive society for both refugees and host community members in the region. With the IKEA Foundation’s support, Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Centre conducted an evaluation of the programme and published the results in 2020.

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The short documentary ‘Dollo Ado: Building Refugee Economies’ visits a set of five refugee camps along the Somali-Ethiopian border and explores how its residents have found jobs, educations and the opportunity to live with dignity.

The film highlights findings and lessons learned from collaboration between the IKEA Foundation, UNHCR and the Ethiopian government. Over eight years, our partnership has helped implement a sustainable livelihoods programme for both refugee and host community residents of the Dollo Ado region.

Viewers are offered unique insights that draw on an impact evaluation report by the Refugee Studies Centre of University of Oxford published in 2020. Produced by the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford. Directed by Raphael Bradenbrink.

Online event (replay) on Reimagining refugee camps: transforming livelihoods in Dollo Ado

Listen, learn and engage with Oxford University experts and speakers on how the IKEA Foundation and UNHCR, have transformed refugee and host community self-reliance through an innovative livelihoods programme in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia.