Employment & Entrepreneurship

We are committed to championing dignified employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people, women and refugees.

Over the past few decades, the world of work has changed drastically. New technologies have led to large-scale job losses in some industries while creating job and enterprise opportunities in others. However, many of these new work opportunities—whether they are formal jobs or entrepreneurship—require people to have skills and knowledge that their educational systems are not yet helping them develop.

In East Africa and South Asia, young people, women and refugees are finding it particularly difficult to earn a sustainable income. They face limited work opportunities and lack of information about what work is even available. Sometimes, they are even excluded from the labour market or face barriers to setting up an enterprise. Unemployment not only keeps families in poverty but also makes them more vulnerable to exploitation and forced migration.

We want to create a world where youth, women and refugees have equal chances to develop marketable skills, find sustainable jobs, gain skills to set up and run successful businesses and grow their family income.

We invest in programmes that create systems change, addressing the barriers these groups face when it comes to earning a living. We are also supporting existing small and growing businesses with the expertise they need to scale up and create more employment opportunities.