Our themes

Families need both financial stability and a healthy environment if they and their children are to thrive. That is why our commitments to help families improve their wealth and protect the planet go hand in hand.

Helping families afford a better life

Families living in poverty around the world face tremendous challenges. With millions of people looking to join the workforce, many find it difficult to find a job and earn a sustainable income.

We want to create a world where everyone has access to dignified work. We focus particularly on supporting young people, women and refugees, who often face additional barriers. We think everyone should have equal chances to develop marketable skills, find sustainable jobs, start businesses, turn agriculture into a source of growth and innovation, use their creativity and grow family incomes.

Protecting the planet

Temperatures are rising, causing changes in our climate that threaten every aspect of our lives—from the food we eat to the water we drink to the air we breathe.

We support programmes that will not only reduce carbon emissions—ensuring future generations will still have a place to call home—but that will also make an immediate and tangible difference in our daily lives.